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I’m always excited for a New Year. It’s a shot at redemption — an opportunity to build upon, repair, or better yourself from last year — a time to reflect on what went right — and, heaven forbid, all that went wrong.

It’s also a time for grandeur and overly ambitious New Year’s resolutions that feel more like a sacrifice than salvation, albeit made with great intention that, according to Inc., sees more than 80% of us fail. In spectacular fashion with the majority giving into temptation before January closes out.


My guess would be it’s because we try to…

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When it comes to self-help for mental health or wellbeing, much of it is about as useful as a porn site asking a teenage boy if he’s over 18. Translated: It’s worse than useless.

That said, when devising this list, I tried to take into account the author’s character — and whether I believe them to be full of shit or not — as much as I did the quality of their book.

Furthermore, one of the biggest problems I find with mental health — especially anxiety which is currently rampant — is that we give the symptom far more…

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After over a decade spent living in a state of what felt like perpetual anxiety, with trigger-happy panic attacks and relentless depression, I am thrilled to say I rarely get anxious anymore.

What does still piss me off is depression. This motherfucker rears its ugly head more than I care for. It is something I have come to accept. Something I know I have to deal with on occasion. Something that’s not altogether surprising. And something, thankfully, I have an arsenal to fight back against.

And while I’m not going to indulge you my life, I will share just a…

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I reluctantly watched the Social Dilemma on Netflix over the weekend. And by reluctantly, I mean enthusiastically. I only say reluctantly because Netflix documentaries are almost always polarising and driven by a strong bias.

Translated: It’s impossible to know what to believe anymore. You’ll either agree or disagree — and you’ll likely be pissed off either way!

It was apparent from the trailer this documentary was out for blood. And I knew my own biases — on this occasion — would likely agree with it all instead of calling bullshit, which happens to be both my preferred and default mode…

Just because you have anxiety doesn’t mean you are ‘anxiety.’

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This is probably going to piss some people off. Maybe even you. But we all know the wishy-washy-fairytale-bullshit doesn’t work. So, you know, trigger warning!

Without further ado: Let’s talk about identity. Not gender identity — anxiety identity.

Anxiety has a habit of becoming so deeply ingrained in one’s DNA that it becomes their identity. The consequences of which are often catastrophic.

A longitudinal study by Crocetti et al. in 2009, which examined anxiety trajectories and identity development in adolescence, found high anxiety adolescents displayed a more troublesome identity development than their low anxiety peers. …

The importance of knowing your personality traits

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A study conducted by Nathan W. Hudson and Brent W. Roberts from the University of Illinois found that the vast majority of people wished they had totally different personalities.

They wanted to change. To be someone else.

I wonder why?

Well. Fuck. Have we not lived our lives being told we’re not good enough? Do we not idolize celebrities and — even more depressingly — influencers on social media? Are we not inundated with images of those we perceive to be perfect? Those we are told we should aspire to? Do we not spend our entire lives desperately seeking approval…

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A crisis is a crisis. And we are in one now. Ladies and gentlemen, straight out the gate, I’ve just delivered you two undeniable facts.

Wait for it, because it’s about to whole get better.

Crisis or not, how you react to it is entirely up to you.

Fuck me, another fact. And here’s me thinking Quarantine is making me lose my mind.

And there’s beauty in all of this.

Right now, arguably, for the first time in your life — having spent your entire adult life pining for more — you have been given the gift of time.


Try this approach instead

Hundreds of thousands search Google every month for a cure to their anxiety. I was probably responsible for 100,000 of those searches alone back in 2005 when, after five years of torture, I had just discovered anxiety and panic attacks were an actual thing.

I get why people do it. Who wouldn’t want a cure from something so vicious it destroys any quality of life once enjoyed?

It’s not that I don’t believe you can be “cured.” It’s that I strongly believe the pursuit of a “cure” in itself will only end up making you more anxious. …

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On December 31, while the rest of the world was gearing up for a new decade — one less shit than its predecessor — the WHO was receiving reports of a new deadly virus.

And, unless you’re a member of an indigenous tribe in the butt fuck of nowhere, you don’t need me to make a formal introduction.

Involving both a man and a bat, the Coronavirus was born in Wuhan, China, in late 2019.

And as they say, the rest is history. Although, unfortunately, it’s not yet history. It’s still unfolding. And because none of us have lived through…

Do you ever ask yourself, what am I doing with my life? Have I lost the plot? And my mind? Should I not be doing what everyone else is doing?

I’m not even sure what I mean by that. Probably something along the lines of blending in and enjoying a life where I’m seduced by the comforts of conformity.

Surely, it’s not just me? And surely, those who find themselves on the other side of the spectrum are thinking the very same thing?

Maybe it’s my age? Maybe it’s because I work on my own? Maybe it’s because I’m living…

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