Vital Elements for Anxiety Recovery Not to be Overlooked

Nicky Cullen
7 min readJul 25, 2022
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Regardless of your affliction — anxiety, stress, burnout, panic attacks, etc., there are elements you must not ignore if you wish for a successful recovery.

Likely, because of what stems from them, the most important seeds you’ll sow on any healing journey are self-worth, self-belief, self-compassion, self-love, and to stop giving a fuck about irrelevant people’s opinions!

The obvious question that springs to mind is — how does one get there? From turmoil to freedom?

And that, my friend, is no easy answer because the reality is it’s different for everyone. i.e., just because your friend got indoctrinated into a spiritual cult they now can’t stop raving about doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you. It might work for you. But, it might also mean they have a limited understanding of the complexity of human problems beyond their own.

Now, I’m not going to mention the importance of understanding, acceptance, patience, or managing your expectations yet again because I don’t want to piss you off…

… So, I’ll mention them inadvertently and accept that I might just do that.

What’s important is progress and doing your best with the resources you have available to help propel you forward. A philosophy for life, if you will. If you’re doing your best — how can you fault yourself?

Of course, you can fault yourself today. You’re a pro! This is why self-compassion is a vital skill to practice. And, boy, oh boy, does it takes practice!

Please also know that sometimes doing your best means NOT trying.

That’s right, sometimes, this work gets exhausting, and more than anything, you must permit yourself to take a break from it all because you better believe if you don’t — and you’re exhausted — your anxiety and stress will get worse — not better. Consider it an act of (screw it, here comes my least favourite word) “radical” self-love!

A question to ponder: Is your family hurting or helping you?

A serious question. There’s all sorts of drama that can occur here — none of which I’m about to get into. I will say most want to help…

Nicky Cullen

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